6. Pest Infestation in Cassava Plantations

The common pests infesting cassava plantations include mealybugs and red mites; those feed on plant sap from various parts such as leaves, shoots, and buds. In the case of premature cultivars, it may result in small tuber size or death. Through collboration with Suranaree University of Technology, SWI implements a natural pest control method of distributing natural predatory insects into cassava fields via farmers. The natural predatory insects are such as ladybirds (Coccinellidae septempunctata), short-winged beetles, parasitic wasp (Bracon hebetor) and Green Lacewings (Plesiochrysa ramburi), which are bred at the university. Additionally, pre-planting chemical treatment of cuttings and regular field inspections are implemented. The company seeks a successive cultivation of cassava to drive the agricultural community forward.