Dairy dessert

Modified tapioca starch can replace gelatin in panna cotta and pudding products, providing a glossy appearance, smooth and springiness texture.
Modified tapioca starch can be used as an alternative stabilizer to other hydrocolloids and can also be used as a substitute for powdered milk in ice cream products.


Modified tapioca starch has a variety of textures, including soft, sticky, firm and resistant to chill and frozen storage.Recommended for many mochi products.

Grass jelly

Modified tapioca starch is suitable for grass jelly, giving it a soft and chewy texture that can extend the shelf life, and remains unchanged even in the chill storage.

Tapioca Pearl

Natioca series was developed mainly to make pearls. After boiling, which provides a soft and chewy texture. It is also free of chemicals clean label and Non GMO.