Modified tapioca starch give the elastic texture,high shear resistance and freeze thaw stability, which means it can be widely used in a variety of surimi based products such as crab sticks, fish balls, fish cakes, and can be used as a good substitute for some minced fish as well.

Injection : Cooked Whole Muscle

Modified tapioca starch can improve the freeze thaw stability and water holding capacity. So used in meat marinades. It helps to have a soft, juicy texture and maintain weight loss after thawing.
Tapioca fiber provide moisture retaintion in ham products and increases product fiber.

Emulsion meat

Modified tapioca starch helps to adjust the texture to be elastic, excellent water binding and increase the juiciness of the products. It is also used as a substitute for meat and reduce costs.
Modified tapioca starch can improve the freeze thaw stability and water holding capacity, which can reduce weight loss after thawing

Plant Based Meat

Modified tapioca starch has excellent binding properties, providing an elastic texture and can combine with oil. It is recommended to chill or freeze plant based meats.