Agricultural and Food Exhibition Agro FEX 2022


On the 1st – 4th of December 2565, : Sanguan Wongse Industries Limited participated in “Agro FEX 2022” Agricultural and Food exhibition between 1st -4th of December 2565 at Korat Hall, 4th Floor Central Korat. The collaboration between Nakhon Ratchasima Provincial council, represented by Ms. Thidarat Rodanun, the chairman of Nakhon Ratchasima Provincial industry council and various organization in organizing the event. The exhibition features showcases, presentations,  business partnership activities and MOU signing event, which involved multiple parties. The opening ceremony was chaired by Mr. Surin Laksanawisit, the minister of Commerce.

Agro FEX is an exhibition that showcase Technologies and innovation BCG to promote sustainability of agriculture and food processing. It’s the first BCG Model exhibition, organized in northeastern region, promoting collaboration among entrepreneurs in the region to drive sustainable development in Thailand. The goal is to create add value to agricultural products, reduce resource consumption and promote renewable energy as well as minimize negative environmental impacts.

Sanguan Wongse and its affiliated companies’ booth showcased innovative products Clyn, Tapioca flour for cake baking and healthy pasta cassava fusilli and products from Khun Yai Muang recipe such as tasty pork floss and low fat Chinese sausages, and activities to promote Sanguan Wongse’s farmer. The booth also presented Napier grass and casava and provided knowledge to farmers. Moreover, there were interesting activities from Plookpanya school’s students such as the collaboration among  Plookpanya School and Dusit thani College and SWI to promote cooking courses. There were special menus presented at the event as well as the demonstration of Jimu Astrobot and Tankibot robotics by students, which served as an additional tools. This event received positive feedback and got the vote of popularity from the attendees of the exhibition.